A Subsidiary of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

Quality Policy

Basic policy of PT. MMC Metal Fabrication is to obtain and continually improve the Quality System and performance to enhance customer’s satisfaction by supplying high quality products, punctual delivery, competitive price, quick response (which are conformed to customer’s technical and commercial requirements) and safety.

President Director shall ensure that the Quality Policy comply with the requirement of ISO 9001:2008. This manual provides a written plan for operation of PT. MMC METAL FABRICATION Quality Assurance System.
All responsibilities for Quality Assurance are transferred to Quality Assurance Section Manager by President Director.

All personnel and organizations in charge of Quality Assurance activities hold authorities to conduct their functions to identify Quality Assurance problems, to initiate action, which will result in solution and to verify implementation of solution to those problem without any restriction from Production Section.

New employee shall undergo the training plan prior to being placed in the work area. It is the responsibility of all Section Managers to ensure that safety practices and rule are posted and that employees are aware of them.

All employee and Sections must follow the requirements for this manual and play their roles under PT. MMF organizational power and in a good teamwork to reach the Company Quality Objectives.