A Subsidiary of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

Quality Assurance

We provide our customers with high-quality products by promoting the concept of “Customer-Oriented” and “Improvement of Production Quality,” based on the vision: “Provides the Best Quality Products to Customers.“

We have been certified according to ISO 9001 in 1999 by formulating our own quality system to determine the production and sales structure based on the ISO 9001, which is recognized as the International Standard on quality assurance and quality management.

We have been maintaining the quality system by implementing the internal audit and taking maintenance examination regularly, and then completed the upgrade examination in 2008 as shifting our quality system to the corresponding system of the revision of year 2008.

We will expand our quality assurance activity to improve the customer satisfaction based on the quality management system.

We are ASME Code, ‘U’ and “U2” stamp approved. This certifies MMF to fabricate Section VIII Division 1 and Division 2 pressure vessels.

MMF’s staff has in-house ASME code verification software, Compress by Codeware, which gives you the best fabricated pressure vessel for your investment. Drawings are developed using AUTOCAD by Autodesk, computer aided drafting, for accuracy and clarity.

Welding Procedures and Material of MMF has a library of up to date, certified, welding procedures developed for welding many different kinds of ferrous and nonferrous metals. These procedures consist of GMAW, FCAW & GTAW welding processes.

All nondestructive examination is supervised by our in house Level II technician and AWS Certified Welding Inspector. Examinations Include: Visual examination, Magnetic Particle examination, Radiographic examination, Penetrant examination, Ultrasonic examination, and Leak testing.